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November 25 - Fixed the Audio page

November 24 - Added 2 new videos and a new layout

Aug. 17 - Added a new banner in the links section

Aug. 16 - Added a new Sister Site, a new banner in the Links section, and a new page of Desktops in the Downloads section

Aug. 14 - Added a new Review, Sister Site, tour dates in the Schedule section

Aug. 12 - Added tons of Winamp Skins and AIM Buddy Icons

Aug. 10 - Added tons of new audio in the Audio section (some links may not work because I haven't uploaded all the files yet)

Aug. 4 - Added a new review and some new pics in the Mag & Misc. Gallery and split Misc. up into smaller galleries with 30 pics each for faster loading

Aug. 3 - Fixed a link in Sister Sites, added a new banner in the links section, added a few new banners in the link me section, added some new cliques, and added tons of pictures in the Misc. Magazines, Pro Voice, Misc. Galleries. And I added a Live Misc. gallery

July 28 - Added a new article, a new review, some new links, and a new sister site

July 25 - Added all the lyrics from Willa Was Here and some new graphics

July 24 - Added new Articles, and newpictures in the Pro, Stuff Mag, Misc, and Pro galleries

July 16 - Added a new gallery - Stuff Magazine

June 30 - Added full clips of Tender & I Wanna Be Bad (Rap & No Vocoder), a clip of the Prince Charming Rap in the Audio gallery, and about 9 new pics in the Misc. Gallery

June 27 - Added Lyrics to all of Willa's songs

June 24 - Added reviews, new sections in the discography section, and a few new links

June 16 - Added new Radio clips in the audio section

June 15 - Added new audio, & pics in the Misc., Pro Voice, and Magazine galleries

June 2 - Added news, video, articles, Misc. pictures, and a review

May 24 - Added 3 new full clips in the audio section of Ooh Ooh live at Teensation, and the IWBB Rap & Radio edits

May 19 - Added new Audio clips, new pics in the Mag., Pro, Hard Rock, and Teen People Galleries, Articles, News, and 64 new AIM buddy icons in the downloads section

May 5 - Added new pics in the Misc. & Magazine galleries

April 22 - Added 1 new pic in the Misc. gallery

April 17 - Added new pics in the Misc., Pro, and Pro Voice galleries, and 47 new buddy icons in the downloads section

April 13 - Added new pics in the Pro, Nautica, Misc., and Magazine sections, I Wanna Be Bad video in the video section, new clip of 'Haunted Heart', and Articles section, lyrics to Ooh Ooh, some News, 22 new buddy icons in the downloads section, and a new Bio.

April 9 - Version 4.2

March 30 - Added banners for the Wanna Be Bad awards

March 29 - Added news, new opening pic, & some new pics in the magazing and misc. galleries

March 19 - Added Toe Jam gallery and some news

March 17 - Added screen captures on the Teen People performance

March 9 - Added news, audio clips of the Teensation Concert, 3 unofficial remixes, Hard Rock Screen Captures, and some new live pics in the BSB and Nautica galleries

March 5 - Added a new Pro-Voice pic and a Music Choice banner to the opening page.

March 3 - Version 4.1, lol. I also divided the Pro Gallery into 2 new galleries, Pro Voice & Hard Rock with a new pic in Pro Voice. Also added some new Live pics.

February 27 - Added a new Magazine pic

February 26 - Added some new cliques and some new Pro-Voice pics

February 24 - Added a section for Ooh Ooh in the discography section, and I scanned the ad for the Music Choice special on PPV for you all to see in the news section. I also added 6 new banners in the Link Me section.

February 17 - Added some news

February 15 - Added a new Pro pic

February 10 - Added a new Pro pic & some new cliques.

February 7 - Added some new things in the Cliques section

February 6 - Added clearer Audio Clips and some new pics in the Pro gallery (plus I sorted the pics out into sections)

February 3 - Version 4.0! Added 2 new Audios from the Promo single in the Audio section, Added a new Pro pic, News, Added the Videos section with 2 new videos and 39 new Buddy Icons to the Downloads page

February 2 - Added 2 new Pro pics

January 28 - Added 4 new Pro Voice pics in the professional gallery and 4 new Seventeen Magazine pics

January 27 - Added 3 new pictures in the Professional Gallery

January 21 - Updated the Galleries section with my Nautica pics

January 20 - Updated the Galleries, Cliques, and Links section

January 8 - Updated the Galleries section

December 29 - Updated the News and Galleries section. I also added a new Magazine gallery.

December 15 - Updated the opening pic.

December 3 - Updated the News and Audio sections.

December 1 - Version 3.0

November 10 - Updated the Cliques section.

October 28 - Fixed a pic and changed the opening page pic.

October 11 - Added more exact lyrics to Innocent Girl and a new project in the Projects section.

September 25 - Added a section for a Cancer "Project" for Michael Cuccione. Go check it out!

September 19 - Added a link on the main page for all those "Anti" rejects, LOL!

September 17 - I got another web addy for the site so I updated the Link Me section.

September 9 - I got hosted! I updated the Link Me section.

September 3 - I got my pics back, now all I have to do is get my friend to scan em but im not sure how long that is gunna take :( I changed the music on the main page & added a new clique.

August 27 - AHH! I met Willa! I added my review in the reviews section. I hope to have pictures soon.

August 26 - Added 6 new Winamp skins and pictures of the skins so you all know what you are downloading :)

August 25 - Added 21 new pictures in the Misc. and Yearbook galleries and I added a Live gallery. And I also added 2 new Audio clips.

August 24 - Made seperate Galleries of pictures and added 22 new donated Nautica pics.

August 22 - Added my own gallery of pictures in the Galleries section and a new clique.

August 21 - Version 2.0

August 20 - Added some News, a thank you, and a new review.

August 19 - Added great news to the main page, I'M GOING TO SEE WILLA! (well the news is great for me at least :) and added a new review.

August 14 - Added a Non-Willa Links section and 2 new links in that section. And I added a new sister site :)

August 11 - Added a new review, a new link, and fixed a link on the main page to the schedule page. (If you ever find a broken link, please tell me :)

August 10 - Added a new review.

August 8 - Updated the news section.

August 7 - Added a new link.

August 6 - Added a new banner in the links section & new cliques.

August 3 - Added new cliques.

August 2 - Added 2 new links and birthday wishes to 2 of my best friends on the main page.

July 30 - 3 whole days! Sorry I haven't updated in 3 days. Between baby showers, shopping for a Sweet 16 (OH YEA! I'm excited!), and downloading music :) I haven't had much time. I added a link and a concert review.

July 27 - Changed the frames.

July 26 - Moved my cliques (again!) to their own page. Plus I joined a bunch more! I'll be adding Sister Sites tomorrow, or later today, or whatever u wanna call it. It's 1AM and im gettin tierd! | Ok it's 12:49 PM now and I'm well rested thank you very much! I added my sister sites to the main left frame, they both have awesome sites so please be sure to check them out! I also added their banners in the links section.

July 24 - Added new banner in the links and moved all my cliques to the opening page.

July 23 - Added a FANatic button to the left frame.

July 22 - Tons of new audio, news, and new pull down menus for easy navigation :)

July 21 - New layout!

July 20 - Added a Support Willa banner on the main page and updated the request lines section. *Special thanx to*

July 19 - Added a concert review and news.

July 15 - Added a concert review and a banner in the Causes section.

July 14 - Added a concert review.

July 11 - Added a new banner in the links section and added some music on the top frame.

July 6 - Added news and tour dates.

July 2 - Added a Downloads page with a bunch of cool stuff and changed the enter pic.

June 27 - Updated the Galleries and left a note to Willa haters on the main page, lol.

June 26 - Updated the Links and Link Me sections.

June 23 - Website launched! EVERYTHING is new! :)