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Willa Mentioned in Entertainment Weekly

In the June 8, 2001 issue on page 77 in the "If You Like..." category it says 'If you like Britney Spears, but prefer tarts romantically linked to the Backstreet Boys, not NSyncers, test-drive soundalike Willa Ford's prophetically titled "I Wanna Be Bad". '

Say What? Karaoke

Willa will be a judge on MTV's Say What? Karaoke from July 4-8 at 1:30PM

Album Release Un-Delayed, lol

Willa Was Here was at first scheduled for release July 10, then pushed to July 31, but now will be released July 17!

Album Release Delayed

Willa Was Here will now be released on July 31st instead of the 10th, BUT the commercial single for I Wanna Be Bad is still sceduled for May 22, so go out and get it!

I Wanna Be Bad on TRL

We did it! I Wanna Be Bad was on TRL this past Wed.! Keep voting, we gotta get her to #1! is UP!

Yup, launched with new pics, desktops, and much more! Go check it out!

Willa on TRL

Willa was on TRL on Wed. April 11. It was a news feature that talked about her Anti-Fans. They had a mini-interview with her and clips for the I Wanna Be Bad video.

Track Listing For Willa Was Here

1 I Wanna Be Bad

2 Did Ya Understand That

3 Ooh Ooh

4 Tired

5 Joke's On You

6 Tender

7 Wish

8 Prince Charming

9 All The Right Moves

10 Somebody Take Away The Pain

11 Haunted Heart

12 Dare

I Wanna Be Bad Video

VIDEO DIRECTOR: DAVID MEYERS (P!NK "There You Go", "Most Girls", "You Make Me Sick", BRITNEY SPEARS "Lucky", JESSICA SIMPSON "Irresistible")


VIDEO CONCEPT: The video version of "I Wanna Be Bad" has a interlude in it, this will be track 2 on the hyper single due out may 8th.

IN THE VIDEO: willa's four dancers will appear in the video along with Devon Sawa and DJ SKRIBBLE. In the dance sequence however, there are 35, not just her 4 (dancers).

MTV Interview

MTV will be doing a story on Willa Ford that will air on April 9th, during Fan Appreciation Week, and they are looking to interview some die-hard, online Willa Ford fans (preferably a Willa Ford Webmaster, Yahoo Club and Yahoo Group Owner, etc. and definitely a member of the Willa Ford Official Online Team).

If you are between the ages of 15 and 22, live in either the New York or Los Angeles areas and are willing to go to MTV studios for a 15 to 20 minute, on-camera interview, please let me know (, and include the following information:

1. Your complete name

2. Your age

3. Your phone number

4. What city you live in

5. What time of day and what days would you be available for an interview

MTV will be asking you questions about why you support Willa Ford online and why you don’t believe all those Willa Ford rumors. They are looking to do these interviews very, very soon so please respond back to me as soon as possible.

Official Release Dates

"I Wanna Be Bad" the debut single from Willa Ford will hit radio waves on Thursday, April 12th 2001. The Commercial Single will be in Stores on May 8 and will be a hyper single, which means it has the I Wanna Be Bad vid on it. The video will premiere on TRL May 7. The Debut Album (new title!) "Willa Was Here" Featuring the smash hits "I Wanna Be Bad", "Somebody Take the Pain Away" & "Tired" Will be in Stores July 10th.

Album Title and Release Date

Willa's album will be titled "Willa's World" and will be released July 10!

Willa on Pay Per View

On my monthly PPV Cablevision mailing it says Music Choice: Debelah Morgan, Ashley Ballard, and Willa Ford! It's a free concert too! All ya gotta do is call a number! It's on March 12 at 8PM and it replays on March 16! I scanned the ad for you all to see...

Pay Per View Ad


Willa has been a busy girl lately! Her official webiste is up (, she's on and performed at the 20 Teens thing, she's on Guess online, and she also did the Hard Rock show! Plus her birthday just passed, she's 20!

Release Dates

FINALLY some release dates! I got this from Willa Ford Street Team...

Single (I Wanna Be Bad) - February 8, 2001

Video (I Wanna Be Bad) - March 4, 2001

Album (Self Titled: Willa Ford) - April 24, 2001 is up and has a section on Willa and some new pics which you can find in the Galleries section, go check it out!

Letter From Atlantic Records

I got this from Willa Ford Street Team...

dear Willa fans,

we from atlantic records support and back our artists 100 percent. recently there have been rumors about willa circulating like a wild fire. we would just like to say, never make assumptions, and always get the facts before you make any kind of judgment.

we will not disclose any part of willa's personal life, we feel that each artist has the right to their own, and we don't feel like it is a legitimate part of the music itself.

over the past few months or so, someone has brought to our attention that there are many 'hate clubs' and 'hate sites' on willa. we do understand that each artist (and not just those on atlantic records) have these, but we feel like this is a serious issue and wanted to address it accordingly.

if you are affiliated with, and or founder of any kind of hate site that pertains to willa ford, your help is not wanted nor needed with the online street team. we feel like 'hate' is a very powerful thing, and is most certainly not to be toyed with.

if you want examples of 'hate' or 'dislike' look to the columbine incident. this is just one of the many reasons we feel like these sites are wrong and inexcusable. it is looked at as being 'small', but we feel as if something big might come of it.

we would really like to hear your input, so email (all e-mails sent here will be forwarded to our inbox) and we will read your messages, and respond if appropriate.

we hope next time our message to you will be on a happier note.

thank you for your time.

--Atlantic Records

In other words, all you Willa haters need to grow up and find something better to do with your pathetic lives than make Anti sites. Or at least keep your opinion to yourselves.

Supposed Songs for Willa's Album

Here are the songs that will hopefully make it on Willa's debut album due out in Spring 2001...

I Wanna Be Bad

Somebody Take The Pain Away

Ooh Ooh

Jokes On You

Innocent Girl

Haunted Heart

It's All About Me

Get A Life

You Think Of Me

Don't Wanna Fall In Love Again


Willa's New Official Site...

Willa has a small but informative site up at, go check it out!

Willa with new label, Atlantic

I just got news that Willa is no longer working with MCA. She is now with Atlantic Records and quite happy.

Willa link no longer at MCA records website

I just checked out and they have taken down Willa's link. =

I just checked out and it, and the link to her site at leads to I guess they must have seen what happened to the site. This is absolutely ridiculous, some people can be so immature!

Willa Mentioned In SuperStars!

Willa was mentioned in SuperStars. It basically said that she was there to sing the national anthem at the BSB basketball game. You can find the pic to the article at Willa Online

Brian's Dogs Dognapped?

Two tiny blond Chihuahuas belonging to Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and his actress fiancée, Leighanne Wallace, have been snatched from the couple's home near Atlanta.

At press time, a spokesperson for the band confirmed that the couple's dogs, a 4 lb. male named Lil' Tyk Thomas and a 3 lb. female named Litty Leigh, were still missing.

According to Littrell, who called Atlanta radio station Star 94 on Friday morning to talk about the theft, the dogs were taken on Wednesday, apparently by two teenage girls who trespassed onto the couple's property. Littrell told the station that a "generous reward" was being offered for the dogs' safe return.

Anybody with any information with regard to the missing dogs is being asked to call Suzanne Lear or Kristi Clark at the Atlanta Police Department at 404-350-9212. (Please note that this is a toll call.)

Tyk is the canine star of the soon-to-be-released movie "Olive Juice," which features Wallace in the lead role and includes cameos from Littrell and fellow Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean. A plea for the dogs' return, along with a photo of Tyk and e-mail contacts for anyone with information about the dognapping, can be found at the movie's official Web site,

The movie's producer, Nick Karvounis, told MTV News that Wallace had been playing with the dogs in the couple's yard when she was summoned away by the buzzer that signaled a visitor at the property's gate. No one was at the gate, but when Wallace returned to the yard, the dogs were gone. Later, a witness reportedly told Wallace that two teenage girls had put the canines in a car.

Littrell and Wallace moved into their Atlanta home just four months ago and are expected to marry in September. Tyk has been in the family for almost four years, while Litty was adopted last year.

As for "Olive Juice," no release date has been set as of yet. Karvounis said that the movie's soundtrack, produced by Littrell and Wallace, has now been completed, but he declined to release any further details.

-- Sorelle Saidman

I hope this doesn't happen to Willa's dogs, lol

Official Site hacked a 3rd time! has been hacked AGAIN! Obviously teenyboppers have nothing else better to do these days! No offense intended, kinda like the things they wrote on Willa's official site, NO OFFENSE INTENDED! Well it hurts ok, maybe not for the fans but for Willa and yup, also Nick. How would you feel if someone wrote those things about your boy/girlfriend?!

Willa Out of All That Tour

Willa has dropped out of the All That tour, BUT will be doing mall appearances instead! Go to the schedule section for dates. There a rumors that Willa might be on the 3rd leg of the All That tour if her mall appearances are finished in time.

First Single?

I Wanna Be Bad will most likely be Willa's first single but things can change. I personally hope it is IWBB, it's my fave song!