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Concert Reviews

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Submitted by: Shannon

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The show started at 2:00 PM, but we got there at 12:40PM. It was me, my best friend Jess, my little brother Joey, and my dad. While we waited this really cool guy who worked there said he would play music and some girls could come up and sing. My, my friend Jess, and another girl we met there, Michelle, got to go up. First we sang Larger Than Life. Then the guy said we could go up again, and we sang (You Drive Me) Crazy, then we went up AGAIN and we sand The One. It was getting close to the fashion show and they guy said we could pick the next song, we screamed WILLA! I WANNA BE BAD! Everyone looked at us, I felt like an idiot but hey, he played it! Me, Jess, and Michelle got to go up and we sang almost the whole song. As we sung we saw Willa's mom and we waved, & she waved back! Everyone was watching us, it was so cool! The "cool guy" came out again and he said, "OK! It's time for the fashion show! And after the show we have a special performance by Willa Ford! I freaked and screamed like crazy! I can't believe I was one of the only people screaming! Well the fashion show was great, the girls were SO cute! Next came Willa, she opened with Somebody Take The Pain Away (which she did a cool remix of it at the end), followed by Innocent Girl, and lastly I Wanna Be Bad. When STTPA first started one of her dancers tripped, but she caught herself. My little brother had the video camera and got the WHOLE concert on tape. He "weaseled" his way to the front, and its great quality! (I love you little man!) It was amazing, the songs sounded great, her voice was amazing, and the dancing was THE BEST! After the concert the "cool guy" announced she would be signing autographs. My friend Jess and I bolted to the booth. After waiting about 10 minutes we got to met her. I gave her a letter I wrote. She said "Hi, what's your name?" and then when I gave her the letter she said "Itís a nice letter right, I'll read it is it's nice" I said "of course!." Then she smiled at me and said, "I'm just kidding!" Then I got a picture with her and I thanked her. As we were walking out we saw Willa's Mom! We introduced ourselves and we asked about any upcoming tours and her album. She didnít know anything, she said "hopefully soon". Then we said we were so excited about it and she said "of course, me too!" Then we said goodbye and she said it was a pleasure to meet us. She was soooooooo unbelieveably nice! The concert was THE BEST! Only there was this one girl who hated Willa, she had this letter she wrote to her that basically said that Willa would never have Nick. I asked her "why she was here then" and she said "cuz I wanna be" in a snotty voice. I later found out my friend's cousin knew her and she got kicked out of high school! What an idiot! But overall it was the greatest concert! I had a blast and I still can't believe I met her! The songs sounded so amazing on the stereo system, I almost fainted, lol. I can't wait for her album!

1. Submitted by: Madison

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I saw Willa open for BSB and she really rocked.

2. Submitted by: Jessica

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I called information and got Amanda's number, I called it, and I actually got ahold of her. Sence I live in the area she said i could stop by and get a pic or something. Later i went and she came out. I got a picture w/ her and a autograph. She was really nice at first then she kinda got annoyed and told me to go cause she had things to do. besides that she was really cool. We talked about the BSB and her new album.

3. Submitted by: Angie

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I met willa at a backstreet boy concert. she was the opening act. i was sitting in the "Perfect Fan" pit right in front of the stage cause some of my friends were going to be onstage for "Perfect Fan" i don't know if you know exactly where the pit is or not, but it is where the people that are gonna be on stage sit for the concert. Anyway, right after my friends left the pit to go up to the stage willa came into the pit to see some of the show i gues. and my one friends and i had talked to this person on the internet that claimed to be willa, she knew a lot of stuff, so we kinda believed her. when i saw willa at the concert, i asked her if the screen name was hers, she said it wasn't and told me to report the person. then i asked her if it was true that her and nick were dating. she got a big smile on her face and said yes. i don't have a fave boy, and i was just happy for her and him. then i told her that my friend was 'in love with' nick, and willa just smi! led and gave a friendly giggle. i asked to get a pic with her and she gave me a big hug and my friend took the picture. she was soooo nice, i can't believe some of the things that people say about her. i only believe what i see and all i have ever seen from willa ford is an incredibly friendly person.

4. Submitted by: L Carter

Email address:

We saw Willa perform today at Nautica's fashion show in Miami FL. She was great! My daughter was in the fashion show, and she was very nice to all the girls giving autographs and taking pictures with the girls We never heard of her so we looked her up and found your sight, I expect will be hearing alot about her from now on.

5. Submitted by: Ana

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I saw Willa perform at the mall in South Carolina for the Nautica fashion show, she was really great and a very nice person. I really enjoyed her music and suspect that she will make it big one day. I was very excited about getting her autograph and hearing about her romance with BSB's Nick Carter.

6. Submitted by: Jennifer

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I saw Mandy open for BSB in Louisiana. I think she's super talented. There were a bunch of girls sitting behind my best friend and I--they were being really obnoxiously loud and rude (they kept booing her and stuff). But I think she did a really good job. It must have been hard for her to open for BSB ... I mean, all of those girls don't like her just because she's Nick's girlfriend and all. I don't really think that should matter. Anyway, we didn't know she was opening ... and it was a great surprise! I think she's fantastic.

7. Submitted by: Vicky

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I was at the BSB Miami concert and Willa opened. I've been a fan of hers since her song on the pokemon soundtrack. I knew she was Nick's g/f so I really wanted to see her in person. I was so anxious. She came after the Jungle Brothers and she looked so beautiful. I love her song I Wanna Be Bad. That's a very well written song. I honestly think she's better than Britney Spears. I can't wait to get her album. She sang a song called Pain and that was da bomb. She has really great songs. I loved it!!

8. Submitted by: Amber

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I saw Willa at Rosedale Mall in Roseville Minnesota. After The NAUTICA KIDS modeled Willa came out and sang 3 songs... I WANNA BE BAD, INNOCENT GURL, and TAKE THE PAIN AWAY. It was awesome!! Afterwards she signed autographs... Me and my 2 friends were 4th in line. We took pictures with her after she signed autographs... She was soooooo nice!! I am now a Willa fan all the way!

8. Submitted by: Lisa

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I was on vacation and I saw some people pointing and staring at a girl...I looked around, and after I thought about it I realized it was Willa! I ran up to her and I told her I was a big fan of hers and said that I loved her song "I wanna be bad" she said thank you and smiled at me and then she said, "DO you want a picture?" I was so ecxited I hadn't thought of that!! I said "DEFINITLEY!" she did, signed my autograph, and she talked with me for about 5 minutes about Her album, and BSB. IT was soo great! Anyone who said she is mean is crazy! You don't have to like her as a person (I do!:) but that has nothing to do with her music! Which is AWESOME!

9. Submitted by: Amber

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I saw Willa Ford perform at the 93.1 DRQ Summer Heat Rave here in Detroit Michigan on Friday May 25th! She was awesome! She was wearing a rhinestoned shirt with these rhinestoned shorts that said Willa across her butt in pink writing. She had little pom poms on her tennisshoes and tore up the stage with her hit single I wanna be Bad! Shew as incredible! I truely want to be bad just cause i want to be like her :-)!

10. Submitted by: Bianca

Email address:

I went to Willaford's Concert in St. Petersburg, FL. She was really good.. At first when I saw her, i didn't know it was her. Why? Well because I never pay attention to the BSB's current g/f's. I don't care for that. I like there music. But anywho back to Willa.... She was awesome!! I really like her songs. She had a lot of energy on stage.. and she sure showed it. She has a very good voice.. I believe she will make it big. And I support 110%!! ... I will be making a website soon on her! :)

11. Submitted by: Annamarie

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I met Willa yesterday at Red White and Boom. She was soooo sweet! She performed really well and then came out and sat 2 rows behind me to watch 3LW (I had 4th row). I got a picture w/her and her autograph. She was the sweetest girl I ever met. I told her, "It's about time we have someone who isn't prissy!" And she said "I know! That's why I'm here, to do what I want and to be me!" Then I saw her later and she actually remembered me! She's great, I love her!

12. Submitted by: Jess

Email address:

This isn't a concert review but.... I heard that Willa Ford was gonna be at this new store called Skinmarket in the mall a few weeks b4 she was supposed to come. I didn't really know about her or anything, I had just seen her on TV and heard her song and stuff. I still thought it was cool that someone kinda famous was gonna be near me so I decided to go. I wasn't expecting there to be a lot of people going since she's new and everything, and I was surprised when I saw a pretty big line outside of the store. I left my friend on the line while I ran around the mall looking 4 a camera and her single but the singles were all sold out. i guess a lot of people had the same idea as me. Anyway, my friend ended up seeing one of her friends who was ahead in the line so we cut up 2 be w/ her. I guess it came up to be our turn to meet Willa quicker than I expected cuz I totally flipped when I met her. Everybody else was normal about it but me. I made such a fool of myself!! She was totally awesome though. She signed so many! autographs 4 us and all of our friends who called us 2 ask us 2 get them autographs too. She wasn't wearing ANY makeup at all...not even foundation or anything...and she still looked totally gorgeous. And she wasn't anything like I expected after seeing her video...she was wearing a plain pink tank cleavage or anything. She was soooooooooo sweet!!! She even let me take pics w/ her!! I would tell u guys exactly what happened but I was in such shock when I was meeting her that I completely 4got. All I remember is my friend laughing at me 4 looking like such a moron. :( haha. Now, I am defintely a fan. Her album came out today so I went out to get it and it is amazing!! I love it sooo much!! I really like #4...that's prob my fav so far. I had no idea she had such a good voice!! U guys all have to run out and get it....she's incredible.

13. Submitted by: Marci Bravo

Email address:

Hey! Willa Ford is #1. I support her completely. I want to become an actress and no one believes in me. They put me down everyday. I lose more and more faith by the second. But "I Wanna Be Bad" has taught me that no matter what anyone thinks, go for your dreams. "Did Ya' Understand That" is a song that many girls can relate to. I like it because she's saying that even though she's hurt, she doesn't want him in her life anymore. "Ooh Ooh" is cool because it's about a guy checking her out and she's kind of playing hard to get, but yet she's flirting. I kind of do the same thing. "Tired" is showing that she isn't like other girls. She's different and BETTER. "Joke's On You" is saying that it's the guy's loss, not hers. That's definitely is a song to play when you break up with a guy. "Tender" is a really nice slow song. She's been hurt before and is scared of being hurt again so she doesn't want to get into a relationship quickly. I can completely relate to that. "Don't ! You Wish" is about a guy who has a gf, but she still wants him. She likes him so much that she's willing to go there. I've definitely gone through that too. "Prince Charming" is about the perfect guy. Don't we all dream about him? To me, it's Mathew. This song gives me faith that one day, we'll be happily ever after. Fairy tales can come true. "Somebody Take The Pain Away" is a song that girls can relate too also. You break up with a guy and you just want the pain to go away. I've felt that before. "Haunted Heart" is a cool song about casting love spells on a guy. Even though I wouldn't do that, I like the beat to the song. "Dare" is about wanting to get nasty. It's pretty much about going through the teen rebel stage, which I think I'm in or have gone through already. In my opinion, the album is #1! Thank you, Willa even though I know you aren't reading this. And thanks to the web site owner! You all rock!

14. Submitted by: Liz

Email address:

The Willa CD ROCKS! Everyone should buy it, here is my review.

1. I wanna be bad-Willas hit single! It is a great song almost all of you probably know it.

2. Did Ya Understand That- When i first heard this song it reminded me of me. It is a song all teenage girls ccan relate to. It has a great beat.It is Willla telling a guy she doesnt want him, she doesnt need him and she is throguh with him. and saying did you understand that one? It rocks.

3. Ooh Ooh- this song gets stuck in your head. IT is a great song. one of the first willa songs i heard on napster. It is uptempo and a kinda fun happy pop song. I luv it.

4.Tired: This was my favorite song when i first heard her cd. It is basically saying, I am who i am so dont judge me because none of you know me. One of the quotes is ' im tired of the blondes that look like me, tired of all you people sayin britney," In that quote she says it all. Just cuz i have blonde hair and am a pop singer dont mean im like the others. Which is totoally true!

5. Jokes on YOU: THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!! I mean it is totally me. IT is tellin a guy that even tho she knows he chated on her it is fine because the whole time she was cheating right back. she really breaks it down at the end and goes "how's it feel knowin I DIIIID YOU WROOONG!!!" i love this song !!!!

6.Tender: SLooow song. but its cute. Alot of people can relate. She wants her boyfriend to know she dont want to get her heartbroken again.

7.Dont you wish: This song is TIGHT!! IT is about a girl wanting to pursue all her fantasies with a MARRIED man, and her telling him its agiht she just wants one night and then its ova. Thats hoochieeey

8.Prince Charming: I can so relate. It is her sayin prince charming where you at, and naming off qualities your average prince charming would have. Then she says like sisqo where you at, leo dicaprio where you at, romeo where you at. it rocks i love this song.

9.Somebody take the pain away: MY fav slow song. I can relate. IT is about a girl and her on again off again boy friend and her wanting him to either stay with her and leave her. It is her dealiong with all the emotions and stuff. I love it.

10. Haunted heart: All i can say is this is one of them songs you would blast in ur room when your home along and sing along to...WOOHOO PARTY OVA HEERE!

11. Dare: this song is just plain of good. Crazy sexy cool. thats the 3 words i would use. It is tellin all the chicas out there to go out and just dont worry about any reputations. Give ur man what he wants. Be spontanious suprise him. Another sing along. at first i didnt like this song. its kinda weird. And the most used word is 'nasty' but i like it!